It’s rare to find a soul, nowadays, that’s apart of this industry for the right reasons, but in the upcoming sentences you will hear about a man that only started music to relieve every day stresses, not to make millions. His name, Demetrious Johnson, but to his fans, he is well known as, Sunniisiide Boulevard.


First let’s talk about who Demetrious Johnson (DJ) is shall we?

He made his first impact on this world back in 1986 on August 4th in Pineville, Louisiana.  Growing up he put smiles on everyone’s faces that came in contact with him and his contagious personality.  He’s always been a family oriented guy, willing to help out day or night for anyone he cares about. His family will always come first before anything or anyone, except God. With that being said, God is an extremely huge part of Dj’s life, without God, he wouldn’t exist. Dj has endured a tremendous amount of rough times in his life such as sleeping in cars, not having food or money, etc., which is why he has a permanent soft spot, residing in his heart, for the homeless.  In 2008, Dj began to experiment with music in order to get his mind off of daily life struggles. This experiment turned into passion and with that passion became Sunniisiide Boulevard.

Who is Sunniisiide Boulevard you ask? Well, let me have the pleasure of introducing him to you.

 Sunnii, for short, is one of the most unique performers out of Seattle, Washington, evidence being that he just won Best Male Vocalist at the Seattle Sound Music Awards of 2015. Not only does Sunnii bring out his rockin’ sense of style but he has a musical sound that most are surprised to hear when he puts his footsteps on stage and opens his mouth.  His performance, in Washington, at Summer Jam 2015, left the audience wondering where this amazing musician came from that gave them an experience to remember.  I could go on and on about this talented musician but instead I will end this paragraph by telling you one important fact that I would like to imprint on your minds about Sunnii, and that is, he will always be himself even under the pressures of people wanting him to be someone else. His music, His style, His way of thinking and His views on life will be his and his only.

 If you would like to know more about Sunniisiide Boulevard you will have to follow him on his journey.